Grand Chapel Studios

Grand Chapel Studios is a Recording Studio and Music Production Facility in Bedfordshire, 35 miles north of London, a few miles from Junction 11a of the M1. A unique and beautiful location, the studio is not only used for recording, but also for filming music videos and promos. The studio also handles voice-over work, ADR for film and TV, and complete production and mix projects.

Scroll through the images and information below, and get in touch if you’d like to chat about the project you have in mind.


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Benji Merrison BBC Dynasties
Benji Merrison – recording for BBC 1’s Dynasties with David Attenborough

Drum Tracking

Drum Recording - Overheads Setup
Drum Overheads setup- AKG 414 B ULS and Coles 4038

Recording at Grand Chapel Studios

Isolated Big Band
Working with #COVID19 – Isolated Big Band recording session.

Grand Chapel Studios - Live Room - Adam French Setup - Synthesizers, Piano, Ampeg, Fender Twin, Drum Kit

Matt Hector (Iggy Pop)
We love Matt Hector (Iggy Pop) as much as he loves us.
Mixing at the Audient 4816 in the Mix Room
The mix room – Audient ASP 4816 desk with Quested and Yamaha monitoring. You can read Audient’s interview with Anneliese, the Studio Owner, on their blog.
Tut Tut Child - Infuse Insession @ Grand Chapel Studios 2015 - Video Monitors
Tut Tut Child and Augustus Ghost live video recording session
Big Band Recording Session
Big Band Recording Session
Mandeville shooting at Grand Chapel Studios with the University of Hertfordshire and sE Electronics
Video Shoot with the University of Hertfordshire
Drum Recording - setting up.
Setting up to record drums with Eman Antwi for Tom Dibb
Jess Thristan recording with a String Quartet and Grand Piano
Grand Piano, String Quartet and Vocals for a live video recording.
Tom Dibb - 'Tracks' Video Shoot
The Grand Piano and Ampeg SVT between takes.

Gallery at Night

Main Room at Night
The live room with our Chapell Grand Piano and Isolation Booth

Accomodation at Grand Chapel Studios

Main Room at Night
Cosy winter evenings by the fire in the live room. #StudioDog
Adam French
Adam French having breakfast on one of our Upright Pianos
Vocal Booth
Our Esmono vocal isolation booth.
Main Room Recording
Residential Band recording and writing in the live room.

First Floor Accomodation at Grand Chapel Studios

Spindle Ensemble - Marimba
Spindle Ensemble recording session – Harriet Riley on Marimba and Vibraphones, Daniel Inzani on Grand Piano and Celtic Harp

Spindle Ensemble - Harp

Jas Harmonium - Folk Session
A pair of Coles Electroacoustics 4038s on Harmonium duty.

Tom Dibb Session - Guitars

Microphone Rig - Drum Sample Library Recording

Leon Of Athens - Live Video Shoot

Drum Tracking

Chamber Orchestra Recording

Chamber Orchestra Recording
Chamber Orchestra recording session.


Benji Merrison, Attenborough Dynasties Session

Drum and Bass Tracking

Mikey Martin Video Day

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