Grand Chapel Studios is a recording studio in Bedfordshire, near Toddington and 35 miles outside London.  It is  a private recording studio with on-site accommodation, set in a village location surrounded by countryside. If you would like to visit, or just come in for a chat about a project, please feel free to contact us.  The studio is also regularly used for filming music videos and promos, equipment tests and filmed demonstrations, and as a writing location for Artists to escape the real world  for days or weeks at a time.
The studio isn’t just a recording studio, but also a lovely place to relax. We have a kitchen, comfy bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a log burner, and a resident studio dog if you choose to share the space with her.

Grand Chapel Studios - Main Room - Fireplace, Organ, Grand Piano
Grand Chapel Studio’s Live Room

RECORDING   Grand Chapel Studios is a converted 19th Century Methodist chapel, originally built with flattering acoustics in mind; we like to think that the possibilities here are almost endless. Our hardwood floors and the 22ft high ceiling in our Live Room give the Grand Chapel a beautiful ambience with reverberance up to 2 seconds. Isolation can be achieved using either our Esmono Isolation Booth or our custom built Amp Isolation Chamber, and further rooms can be patched into the recording process.  Our purpose built and fully treated mix room gives a cosy environment where bands often end up chatting and listening to their music late into the night.

Control Room at Grand Chapel Studios
Spindle Ensemble in the mix room.

GEAR  Please contact us for our complete gear list. A few details… we’re especially proud of our EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Edward. Our Studio Monitoring is via Quested H-208s, Yamaha NS-10Ms and AKG LSM50s with other Quested, Yamaha and Genelec monitors available.  We have upgraded our main desk to an Audient ASP 4816, which sits alongside preamps from Neve, SSL, RME, Groove Tubes and more.  We are always expanding our equipment, so please contact us for a complete list.