The Chapel

Grand Chapel’s 22ft high Live Room is bright, expansive and acoustically unique and has been designed with inspiration, comfort and the creation of music at its heart. Newly renovated, the Chapel is a Grade II listed building built in 1842. Now back at the centre of the community, it hosts seasonal events for the village and we make sure we take full advantage of its beautiful, natural acoustics. It is a tranquil, airy and relaxing place, be it daytime with sunlight streaming through the huge windows, or at night when your choice of lighting can bring a different mood.

Present Day Facilities

The Main Room is enabled for 48 Channel Recording, and we have a collection of both vintage and modern microphones available for use. We have a 6ft 2″, 1929 Chappell Grand Piano alongside a Danemann Upright Piano, and other in-house instruments include a Vintage Premier Drum Kit, an early Dulcitone, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars and a variety of Percussion instruments. If you’re not after the lovely reverb of the main room, you can use our Esmono Isolation Booth which is perfect for isolating Amplifiers, Solo Vocals or a standard drum kit.

The Control Room is a comfortable, acoustically treated work space which reflects and channels the spacious atmosphere of the Live Room. We currently have a 32 Channel Desk, AD/DA is provided by a Solid State Logic MADI AX Interface, there are modern SSL and vintage Akai/Roberts Preamps and we have a variety of outboard gear from Lexicon, Yamaha, Focusrite and others. Monitoring is via Quested H208s, KRK Sub, Yamaha NS10Ms and AKG LSM50s

Studio 2

To be completed in 2015. Situated under the apex of the Chapel Roof, with views overlooking the fields to the east, this room provides a tranquil, out of the way place for dry recordings or as a mix/edit suite. If you've had a full day's recording and need a quiet place to listen through to the day's work and continue creating, this is the perfect environment. The room is equipped with a 16 channel desk, and includes a Roland JX-3P, Yamaha DX7, Korg Triton Pro, Roland VK7, a Waldorf Pulse and outboard from Lexicon and Yamaha. Monitoring is via Quested H108s.

Other Facilities

The Chapel has a newly installed kitchen which is available to use during breaks in sessions. We also have on-site shower facilities and an extravagant roll-top bath available on request (if your session is that wash-worthy!). Please contact us for details about accommodation.